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Just-in-time substance use disorder interventions monitoring

RAE Health is working to empower and engage patients suffering
from substance use disorders and assist providers through technology
that allows just in time interventions. Through RAE’s patented and proprietary system, we identify, detect, and track patterns of cravings, stress, and drug use. 


RAE Health's mission is to save lives and reduce the rate of relapse.

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 App Features 


Proprietary method to identify and track stress, cravings, and other biometrics.

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A wearable device vibrates when an event
is detected prompting intervention and
de-escalation tools via the RAE mobile app.


Data is pushed in real-time to a recovery team, where they are able to monitor and intervene when help is needed.


RAE Health App download

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“I was more mindful of emotions and stress level, which helped
me handle stress better and decide how important a stressor
was by categorizing it. It made me realize that may day wasn’t
as stressful as I thought.”


- 44 year-old female in recovery from alcohol use disorder

Empowering providers to
improve patient
care outcomes.

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