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RAE Health team member Dr. Stephanie Careiro sits down with the Scope of Practice podcast to discuss the work in the development of the RAE Health system, which helps track cravings and stress for individuals in recovery to inform treatment and recovery services and produce better client outcomes. 

Scope of Practice is a podcast featuring conversations with subject matter experts, journalists, individuals in recovery, practitioners, educators, and others with a direct connection to the field of addiction recovery. Steam online or on Spotify, Amazon Music, and the Podbean App. 

December 6, 2022; Scope Of Practice Podcast

August 25, 2021;

August 18, 2021;

  • 2016—Mixed Method Pilot study conducted in conjunction with UMASS, UTTyler, and Aware Recovery Care

  • August  2017—Patent Issued: "System and method for detection of cravings in individuals with addiction”, US10478066B2

  • May 2019— $1.7 MM SBIR Award, Phase I and Phase II Fast Track Grant from NIH

  • October 2019—Featured Speaker at Milken Institute Future of Health Summit

  • March 2020White paper published, Drug and Alcohol Dependence Journal, "Wearable sensor-based detection of stress and craving in patients during treatment for substance use disorder: A mixed methods pilot study"

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