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Clinical trial results

RAE Health completed their first clinical study in 2016 ("Wearable sensor-based detection of stress and craving in patients during treatment for substance use disorders: A mixed methods study") in conjunction with UMASS and two outpatient-based substance abuse treatment facilities.  Through this study data was refined and an algorithm derived that was then patented for detection.


Highlighted results:


• 72.4% accuracy in detecting Stress vs. Craving events

• 83.9% accuracy in detecting Stress vs. No Stress events

• 80.5% accuracy in detecting Cravings vs. No Craving events

NIH funded clinical study :

RAE was awarded SBIR Phase I/II Fast Track in 2019.  Phase I was completed February 2021.

Recent updates:

SBIR Phase II and Clinical Trial initiated 2022

Current accuracy in stress detection is 87%

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