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Stressed Woman



It may be time to Realize, Analyze, Engage

Balancing work, family, and all the challenges that life throws at us can be a major challenge.  Do you have stress? (Who doesn’t!)  Do you have cravings? (For food, cigarettes, drugs, anything!)  Do you want to detect and track these events in real-time to better understand trends how they affect you and where to positively improve?

Stress is known to have effects on your body and your quality of life—as well as the relationships in your life. RAE Health believes that bringing awareness of stress and cravings (often the result of managing stress) in a person’s life can have implications and utility to improve your quality of life by advancing better mental and physical health. We believe building awareness and mindfulness to these areas will not just change our understanding of our behaviors but will allow us to look at different ways of thinking and adapting to live happier, healthier lives. 


Imagine dieting and being alerted to when you have a craving coming on and know before it consumes you or being able to have a deeper understanding of your stress triggers in real time, and how to better manage your mindfulness and coping skills.

RAE is currently expanding their reach and research by applying their technology and algorithms in other areas of mental health with the focus to bring mindfulness and awareness of stress and craving events in real time through consumer grade wearable devices.


To find out more and be one of the first to trial our consumer app click here. To participate in our short survey and be eligible for a pre-launch beta trial visit:

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