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“I was more mindful of emotions and stress level, which helped me handle stress better and decide how important a stressor was by categorizing it. It made me realize that may day wasn’t as stressful as I thought.”

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“Liked the fact that you can notify someone if you are having a bad day.”

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“Made me more aware of stress and what was stressing me out. I used yoga or
deep breathing.”

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“Took the time to think about what was going on, like a safety blanket. I rationalized by thoughts better with [the sensor] on.”

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“I did wonder if device would pick up on stress that I didn’t notice. The more people I told about it the more I though this will change the future of addiction treatment.”

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“It made me question what really counts for stress/craving, knowing the boundary. Like what is enough to mark a point, or where is this enough that it counts. Like a pain score. Where do you draw the line?”


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