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RAE Health is working to empower individuals to effectively manage their everyday stress and triggers.  We help to engage and promote positive change in the daily lives of our users by allowing them to better understand and track patterns of stress and cravings.

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App Features 

Proprietary method to identify and track stress, cravings, and other biometrics.

A wearable device vibrates when an event
is detected prompting intervention and
de-escalation tools via the RAE mobile app.


RAE Health App download

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Real time feedback to improve mindfulness 

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Up to date tracking of feelings and emotions

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Seeking Adult Participants for a

Research Study

UMass Medical School & RAE Research Study with Garmin


Scan the QR code or contact:


“I was more mindful of emotions and stress level, which helped
me handle stress better and decide how important a stressor
was by categorizing it. It made me realize that may day wasn’t
as stressful as I thought.”


Empowering providers to
improve patient
care outcomes.

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