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Welcome to RAE Health

June 15, 2022


Life can sometimes feel like a lot, especially after the toll the past few years has taken on us all mentally and physically. Even things that are meant to help, sometimes just feel simply overwhelming. With endless suggestions appearing on your mobile device daily–like the latest craze in fitness, to fad dieting, to the newest high dollar subscription service–how do we know what is truly best for us?

RAE Health is helping our customers answer that question, using a proprietary algorithm and wearable device to identify and track stress, cravings, and other key biometrics for our users. With our patented algorithms, we can detect stress and cravings in real time. The detection and alerting of these patterns allow the user a better understanding of their individual triggers to assist in re-routing and intervening for positive life changes.

Who is RAE Health?

RAE Health, was initially created in 2014 with the premise of helping our users and research partners Realize, Analyze, and Engage. The team at RAE and our scientific and clinical research partners combined with our unique patented technology have developed a product so effective, it will one day be used in clinical treatment centers to reduce alcohol and drug addiction relapses.

Working with the University of Massachusetts, in 2016 RAE completed its first clinical research study. Through this study our data was refined and an algorithm derived that was then patented for detection of stress and cravings with a nearly an 80% average accuracy rate. This accuracy is incredible for such new technology. Today RAE continues to make its mark in well-known clinical and research circles nationwide.

What Makes RAE Health Unique?

Since our founding the team at RAE has worked to further uncover the triggers of stress and its early deduction, expanding to craving detection for diverse items such as nicotine, food, drugs, and alcohol. Through our integration with Garmin wearables, RAE’s biometric algorithm alerts users to stress events before they happen and before most users are even aware.

Many companies provide products that offer reactive services, RAE Health is uniquely positioned to determine the underlying causes of stress and cravings, approaching them proactively and empowering users to take control, to Realize, Analyze and Engage in their health and wellbeing.

For more information on RAE Health, follow us on social media at the links on the bottom of the page.

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