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RAE Health Awarded Additional Patent— US11375896B2

Patent encompasses edge-intelligent iot-based wearable devices for the detection of cravings in individuals. The new patent is a continuation in part of the US patent application Ser. No. 15/681,111 filed August 18, 2017. August 18, 2022

Exciting news was released this week from the team at RAE Health: the company was recently awarded an additional patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office, expanding their technology to the wearable sensor. This patent further expands the detection capabilities beyond cravings for drugs.

What is it used for? This technology will be able to aid and connect both individuals and healthcare professionals, helping users achieve success in conquering cravings by understanding the fundamental biological symbols and trends behind the craving. Wearable sensors are used to monitor a wide array of physiological signals and provide health information. In this case, wearable sensors are used to monitor stress and craving events. It is research-backed that stress events often result in cravings to resume drug use for addicts or those struggling with rehabilitation. The present invention relates to addressing destructive cravings through a wearable device for monitoring cravings and stress experienced by a subject. An edge-intelligent Internet-based wearable assists in substance-abuse detection by monitoring and interpreting an individual's physiological signals continuously. While the methods of the present invention specifically target cravings for drugs, similar methods will be applied to other disorders, such as eating disorders, food addiction, co-occurring disorders with addiction, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This present invention builds from the previous invention and expands the scope to these other disorders. How Does it Work?

The edge-intelligent approach enables technology to do all the processing of signals, as well as assessment of the underlying condition, within the device itself. The wearable device helps in monitoring the cravings and substance abuse of the individual and helps the healthcare provider to start an early intervention as required.

How do I learn more? To stay in the loop on the application launch and interest in utilizing RAE, please follow us on social media or contact us here. The present application is a Continuation in Part of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 15/681,111 filed Aug. 18, 2017, which application is incorporated in its entirety herein by reference.

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